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B-Rude-Inc on DJ International Records 1986 with Byron Stingily, Byron B Rude Burke, Tony Nash and Tommie Williams

B-Rude-Inc on DJ International Records 1986 with Byron Stingily, Byron “B Rude” Burke, Tony Nash and Tommie Williams

Byron’s passion began at the age of 14 while attending Fredrick Douglass Middle School on the Westside of Chicago. The school had a band department and he registered

B Rude Inc / Ten City -Pages 336 & 337 - Click here

B Rude Inc / Ten City -Pages 336 & 337

showed interest in learning how to play the trumpet. While attending this school, he met Shawn Robinson who was the youngest DJ on the Westside, along with David Benson and they began working together.

1985 – 1987

By the age of 16, he was recognized as one of the top teen DJ’s in Chicago which led him to sign his first record deal with the legendary “DJ International Records” under the group named “B Rude Inc“, along with members Anthony Nash, Shawn Robinson, Tommie Williams; including Byron Stingily shortly before the group disbanded in 1987. Shortly after the disbandment of B Rude Inc., Burke,  Stingily along with house music pioneer Marshall Jefferson began working on new music projects such as  the Truth (Open Our Eyes) and Ragtyme (I Can’t Stay Away  &  Fix It Man feat T.C. Roper & Herb Lawson).

Ten City (1988-1994)



By the age of 19, Byron became the Vice President for Burstinglaw Music Productions, Inc. (Burke Burke, Byron Stingily, Herb Lawson) in Chicago, Illinois. The production company produced and worked with artist such as Marshall Jefferson, Kim English, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Tommie Jenkins (Cameo), Billy Beck (Ohio Players) and Masters At Work. His unique ability to compose, produce and critique songs, stage performances, including marketing & promotion strategies, has made him a pioneer in the music industry.

Byron was the creative force behind the legendary house music band from Chicago named Ten City. He co-wrote, produced and remixed songs on the “Foundation” and “State Of Mind” albums for Atlantic Records, including “No House Big Enough” for East/West Records, and “That Was Then, This Is Now” for Columbia Records.Alt Text

Alt TextThese albums produced ten Top 20 Billboard Magazine dance songs, five Top 10 Billboard Magazine Sales Chart Singles, 10 Top United Kingdom Pop Chart Singles, including a Gold Plaque from Tusk Music, South Africa and a Silver Plaque from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), United Kingdom.


Jan-March 1999



Byron decided to further his education by attending a 9 week continuing studies course at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. called “Business 16, From Idea to IPO”. This course set the foundation for Byron to explore his entrepreneur spirit and build relationships with successful individuals in the financial, software development, automotive, television, motion picture, fashion and music industries.



Today, Burke leads BB Media Global Group, leveraging his experience to help clients embrace the new concepts and ideas that help drive new customers and see long term growth by using biblical principlesBB MEDIA Global Group is a boutique media and business development consulting firm that strengthens & reinforces brand awareness. We conduct research and analyze global  social and economic trends for our clients that will attract new customers, build customer loyalty, and reduce cost by implementing well-organized marketing & business techniques for start-ups, as well as established corporations throughout North America & Europe.

In addition to his duties at BB Media Global Group, he’s a Certified Medical Cannabis Budtender and Fouder of biQ MD Research (biQ MD Medical Marijuana Daily)

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